Finally got my act together.

My next Camino looks like this.

Starting the 13th May (GULP! Just realised the date. Hope that’s not an ill-omen), fly to Dublin then catch a flight to Biarritz the following day. From Biarritz get to St Jean Pied du Port stay overnight and then start walking on the 15th.

At this moment I am planning to walk to Burgos on the Camino Frances (about 250 Km’s). I’ve already walked that stretch so this time I’ll stop at different places and take less time.

At Burgos I will catch a bus to Oviedo and walk the Camino Primitivo to Santiago de Compostela (about 300 Km’s). Then come home via Dublin getting home on 10th June.

I’ve chosen this particular route for a number of reasons.

Amongst those reason are, having walked the Camino Frances I would like to re-do the first part differently. This time I’ll cross the Pyrenees from St Jean in one day to Ronsvevalles, last year I stopped overnight part way making it two days.

On the way to Burgos I would like to try and hop past the recognised guide book stop-overs and see if I can make more use of the ‘quieter’ less used places.

On reflection, last year once I got into my stride after taking the first few days easily I found some stretches of the Camino Frances relatively straight forward walking, so I’m sure I can tackle something a bit more challenging carrying the same pack and weight. That’s where the Camino Primitivo comes in.

It appears the Primitivo is much less popular with nothing like the numbers that walk the Frances. The Frances is very well structured with more places to stop and other supporting services than you can poke a stick at. Not so the Primitivo which has far fewer places, longer distances between them, much less people and as far as I can see more hill-walking.

Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew so if I need to change my plan, I will. We’ll see shall we.

My beloved 4 year old hiking boots are now a bit tatty and down at the heel. I am just not convinced they will see me through my winter training and stand up to my planned Camino. I need to seriously consider getting some new ones and breaking them in well before I leave in May.

At this moment I am fairly sure I won’t be blogging this time, although I may put updates onto the Camino Forum site for the benefit of other pilgrims, and anyone following this blog who may be planning to walk the Primitivo. It is so time consuming writing a blog on the Camino.

Bye for now.