11 June Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

According to the experts today was a walk of just under 21km’s (13miles). It didn’t feel like it and even taking into account the relatively easy terrain of today, it was as the old saying goes “a walk in the park”.

This morning was a late start by recent standards at just about 7:15am. I hooked up 4 others and we set off together. Not for the first time on this route, about 10 minutes later were turned around by a friendly local and sent in the correct direction.

The first hour or so was along side a road with bonus of the beautiful ever-present wild flowers guiding the way.

Breakfast a little later was a coffee and sweet apple-filled pastry just as the sun appeared over the rooftops of the village which housed the cafe and filled the streets with its orange, almost Tuscany glow.

The path developed into this and would shortly take a route which echoed the turns of a river.


The leaves in the trees were twisting and turning in the wind, flashing semaphore messages of alternating shades of green, silver and brown. The rustling sounded like the whispering of hundreds of people with secrets to tell. The question of the day is in the title of this post above. “Is it the trees that whisper in the wind, or the wind that whispers through the trees?”

We passed a man, who seemed to me to be older than his years, standing staring at his small vegetable plot adjacent to the path we walked. He literally looked as if he was watching his plants grow. A few feet away from him a small black and white dog stared equally intently at the man, the pair of them seemed to be following a daily ritual that would end with a walk home shared by two life-long friends, only to be repeated tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day…………..

The path looked like this once again with the endless wild flowers.

Wifi in these parts is available but very unreliable this post has taken two days to get to this point. It has been tedious and time consuming. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.

Steps today 35153

Bye for now