Sitting in a room in the Holiday Inn Express Stansted Airport using what I hope is free wi-fi with a nice cup of tea.

Left home this morning with my beloved for a coach from weston Super Mare to Bristol. Said our fond farewells and I caught my coach to Bristol. Weather and traffic meant I arrived there with 10 minutes to spare before my connection to London Victoria. Sat next to a lady from Liverpool who had more bags and bits and pieces that I would have thought was possible for one person to own, let alone carry.

For the trip to London Victoria I had a seat next to window and seconds before we departed was joined by a frail old gentleman carrying a white stick who must have been 80 if he was a day. 2 minutes after leaving Bristol he was asleep, head back mouth open and stayed that way until London Victoria. We arrived at said destination, he woke and said “that was a terrible journey”. All through the journey I was in great need of a wee but didn’t have the heart to wake him.

Had 7 minutes to have a wee and cross London Victoria bus station station end to end for my connection to Stansted.

Eventually arrived here and now having a nice cup of tea.

Tomorrow I put my faith and the fate of my luggage in the hands of Ryanair.