First things first. Thanks for your messages of support you lovely people here and on the Camino Forum.

With a just under 3 weeks to my Camino start date I’ve realised I could be making my mind up on the last day about whether I can go or not. A visit to the doctor later this week for more X-ray results will give me an idea of my chances. Que sera, sera :-).

Going try a flat 5 mile walk this afternoon with my full Camino pack to see what happens. Quite concerned to be honest. Fingers crossed.

At least I’ve had some really good upper and core strength exercise these past few ‘walkless’ weeks with all the work I’ve been doing in the garden. Add to that the preparatory training I have done before this illness and my hiking/backpacking background, maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,, if the doc says it’s ok to go things will work out if I take the first week+ nice and easy.

I’m not even bothered now about doing the whole thing on this first trip. I just want to go!

Catch you later folks.:-)

Walked 5.5 miles with my Camino pack. 2hrs 26mins. Didn’t exactly feel great but on the other hand nothing like as bad as I feared it could be. Things are looking up friends.:-)