Someone influential or something influential or some kind of influential entity somewhere has a stranger sense of humour than mine.

Continuing the boring and annoying saga of my poor health and now totally destroyed Camino training plan; I’m on a further two week course of antibiotics, this time a stronger variety because my x-rays told the doc I have a lung infection, no,………hold on a second, that’s not accurate. A simple lung infection wasn’t good enough for me was it……………. I just had to go one better and get a ‘double’ lung infection didn’t I :-(.

I’m still expecting to go on my Camino though!

The only change at the moment is that I am experiencing a severe on-going interruption to my training, am not breathing too well when I walk, haven’t slept through the night without coughing for nearly 7 weeks, can’t even dream of carrying my pack at this moment and have hurt my knee doing some heavy lifting in the garden. 😦

Apart from that everything else is very well and in place as planned all those months ago. 🙂

So, God willing I’ll fly out from Stanstead on the 24th May. Unless of course it’s God who is the influential interferer with the strange sense of humour?

Speak later folks. Bye for now.