As promised in my last blog, a monetary and health update.

Well, as anticipated My very thinly disguised begging letter wasn’t taken seriously and didn’t produce any financial gain. However, I got something much more precious than money in response to my grovelling pleading. Thank you so much for your kind messages and advice 🙂

The antibiotics didn’t work either so I’m now waiting for some X-ray results to come next week. It’s actually all a bit tedious and frustrating this illness business because it’ll be six weeks without any real Camino training when I get back to the doc, with just about six weeks remaining before I start from StJPDP on 24th May.

There’s some good news though. All those people I’ve been boring with descriptions of my soon to be Camino route, my plans and the information on the Camino Forum have kindly agreed to write for an ambulance if I get seriously worse. 😉

My next blog will hopefully tell you how my training is back on course because this gremlin has finally left my body.