Ok, before you start reading this keep in mind I am not looking to receive bunches of flowers, bags of grapes or cards wishing me a speedy recovery. But, you should be aware that ……….
I’ve had seriously dreadful cough and cold for the last few weeks or so which have both contrived to prevent me from doing any real Camino training. (Cue donations of a monetary value to make me feel better):-).

Saw the doctor today who graciously agreed to give me a week long course of antibiotics after I told him about my plan to start my Camino on 24th May. (Cue donations of a monetary value from you to speed my recovery):-).

I think I might have enough background training to allow me to “catch up” on missing what will be nearly a months’ worth of training,,,,,,,if of course these antibiotics work. (Cue donations of a monetary value from you in case the antibiotics don’t work):-)

I’ve always planned on taking the first week of my Camino (about 110 miles) at a leisurely pace anyway, but this little hiccup might mean taking it even more slowly? (Cue donations of a monetary value from you to help me walk more quickly):-).

Anyway, que sera, sera as they say. Whatever happens it won’t spoil my Camino and at this moment, although everything is in place for me to go, I suppose it remains to be seen whether I do start when I want to or not.(Cue donations of a monetary value from you for new flights):-).

One thing for sure is that I will walk my first Camino this year – although starting on 24th May remains to be seen.

Next blog entry………….. A medical (and monetary value) update!