I’ve already posted this message on another forum and pretty much repeat it here for family and friends who don’t visit that particular forum.

If the link below works you’ll see the stones I will carry to the Cruz de Ferro, with one or two more still to come.

From right to left:

The first four are from my daughter Nicky, her partner and 2 of my grandsons, Ryan and Luke. (Nicky obviously didn’t understand what I meant by “a small stone”)

The next 3 are from my son Mark and grandson Callum, his very soon to be wife Mafe ( they get married in the Phillipines the day after I start my Camino in May) and my grandaughter Isla. They gave me these stones during a walk we took together in my beloved Scotland.

The next one is from my partner Jill’s’ daughter and therefor my adopted’ daughter in-law, her husband and two grandsons. They were on holiday in Scotland last year and bless them, went specifically on a walk in one of my favourite places for a stone.

Then we have a stone from Sue, a life-long friend of Jill my partner. They are inseparable. Sue is one of life’s givers and this stone is from her garden.

Following Sue is Dan. Dan is a family friend who is looked on as a son. This stone in particular is, I truly believe of some very great importance to Dan.

Next in line are the The Smiths (Jill’s brother Rick, his wife Stephanie and their children Amy, Lily and Christopher). I am convinced that Rick, if he could would love to walk a Camino.

Kim is next in line. Kim is another dear friend of the family who has had to face and continues to face many of life’s cruellest challenges.

Ah! This next one is from the Bakers who again are dear friends of the family. Their stone has a story in itself. They have a small white West Highland Terrier. The stone you are looking at came from her bladder after an operation along with four others, two of which have apparently been sent to somewhere in America for testing. It seems there was something very unusual in their make up?

After the Bakers there’s a stone from the grave of my mother and father.

The last two are coming back with me. Both are from Sue (she of the inseparable friendship with Jill). The spotted one is Californian Jasper whilst the final stone is Bloodstone. Sue gave me both of those because of what they are reputed to do for a person.

I look at these stones often. I carry them in my pack as I train for my Camino. When I hear them ‘chink’ as I walk I am reminded of the love and friendship I am blessed with, the love and friendship I have shared, the love and friendship I can look forward to, and how very fortunate a man I am.

My next blog will hopefully be a cut and paste copy of my Camino training to date from the date I decided to start keeping a record for myself. I’ll make that blog a duplicate post onto the other forum too, in case someone there can benefit from it.