Some time ago I thought it would be a pity not to let my nearest and dearest benefit from my Camino in ways other than getting rid of me for a few weeks.

I told them (for the umpteenth time some would say) of the various Camino routes, my first Camino this May and the Cruz de Ferro tradition.

Hope these links work for you. If they don’t open just Google “Cruz de Ferro” if you want to get more info. › … › Camino Frances

So, in short then, it’s a special place on the Camino Frances route marked by a large pile of stones and a cross where pilgrims have for centuries placed a small stone. The process of leaving the stone was, and still is, the symbolic leaving behind of a problem or other worry, making a wish, giving thanks to God, praying for others and so forth.

The tradition is carried on today by those modern day pilgrims who care to.

Nowadays people leave behind photos, messages, toys, personal effects and a whole other host of items that mean something for them (I wonder if anyone gets paid to stop the site looking a giant overflowing dustbin?)

My offer to my nearest and dearest to carry a small stone and place it for them was taken up.

End result?…….. 17 stones and an extra 2lbs in my pack 😦

Lesson learned:… Make sure your daughter fully understands what “one small stone” actually means before you offer to carry one for her and her family. She gave me 4 stones that weigh over 1lb 🙂

Now a special note – for some strange reason I can no longer post photos here, so, if for some even stranger reason you should want to see my strange photo of some strange stones, just let me have your e-mail address and I’ll send the strange photo to you,,, you strange person.:-)

Actually, come to think of it, in my next post I think I might give an explanation of where and who the stones came from. Or does that sound boring?????