As a boy of 12 I was enthralled by a television programme called Tomorrow’s World on our little hired box from TV Rentals which fed us dreams and visions of life in 21st Century.

Some of what what was promised has come to fruition, for example, paying for things with small plastic cards, low cost air travel, small computers, heating in the house without having a coal-man dump a bag of coal into your hallway, shoes laces that don’t snap when you pull them tight, and telephones not cemented into big red boxes with little windows small enough to fit into your pocket.

All very well you might say, but hey, hold on there, some things I was prompted into expecting are not here yet and their very absence means complicated travel plans for me. Along with Ryanair changing their flight plans ( see previous posts). Cue dramatic music……………..(Dah! Dah! Dah! Da-a-a-a-aah!).

Here’s what hasn’t arrived yet.

That’s right,,,,,,, hover-boots and hover-suits for our personal transportation system.

End result of them not being available? A tedious time-consuming journey to get to St Jean Pied de Port.

This is what my outward journey looks like now. (Oh! By the way, did I mention that everything was straight forward until Ryanair changed my flight timings after I had booked with them?).

23 rd May – Walk from our house to the nearest National Express coach station, about 5 miles. Not a problem in itself and at least I get my wish of starting my Camino from the front door.

Catch a coach to Stansted airport changing at Bristol and then London Victoria. Total travel time just under 9 hours.

Walk from Stansted back to overnight accommodation, about 2 miles.

Get up following morning and walk back to Stansted airport. Hang about for around 6 hours. Fly to Biarritz. Find a way from Biarritz to St Jean Pied de Port. (Got a good idea on how to do that with a mixture of bus, taxi and train or a combination of those three). All depends on Ryanair and no more changes though.

Get to St Jean Pied de Port, stay overnight and the next morning – 25th May – set out on the Camino Frances route.

Would have been so much easier with hover-boots I think. 🙂