Hello Peeps,

If this works you will be reading the first of the weekly updates I promised as I get ready for my first Camino which starts from St Jean Pied de Port (StJPdP) in France on 25th May this year.

Now then, the reason I have this blog is because some beautiful people I am lucky enough to have recently worked with and my dear family and friends have coerced, blackmailed and threatened me into starting πŸ™‚

That means there’s a chance this blog can be read by people ( family and friends) who don’t know too much about the Caminos (despite me boring them to death about them over the last 24 months or so), along with some lovely folks I’ve come to know personally or through the Camino Forum.

(Oooops! At this point there would be a link to Forum for you to visit but I haven’t worked out how to do that yet…HELP NEEDED!).

In essence Caminos I am speaking of are a number of ancient pilgrimage routes to the believed site of the remains of St James (San Tiago) in a place called Santiago de Compostella on the west coast of Northern Spain.

This map (if I have linked it correctly) will show you some of the most popular and recognised routes. There is however no one definitive route which I’ll try to remember to explain later.


The route I’m choosing to take for this my first Camino is from StJPDP to Santiago de Compostela and a little beyond to a couple of places called Finisterre (End of the Earth) and Muxia. I’m told that’s around 600 miles or so, so, only time will tell if I can actually do that.

Ok that’s probably enough for this post. Oh! By the way, I did suggest elsewhere that I would update this every day during my Camino, however, given this has taken me with my one sausage finger typing 55 minutes I might yet retract that pledge :-(.

Mind how you go peeps,